Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Black History Month - Steel Pans Workshop

Year 4 have celebrated Black History month by embracing the music created originally in Trinidad and Tobago. The children discovered the history of the instrument itself, dating back to World War 2 and the truly magical sounds the pan can make.

All the children gad the chance to practise and play on the pans.

They needed to hold the sticks in a pincer grip.

They then began to learn where the different notes were on the pans and the sounds they created.

They also had the chance to explore a range of drums.

They learnt how to create a roll sound.

The sound as a class was amazing!

They were nearly as good as the professionals (nearly!)

Negative number race


Year 4 have had a fantastic time sorting and ordering positive and negative numbers.

Each child was given either positive or negative numbers.

The positives and negatives had a race to see who could order their numbers first.

Is it negative 6 or negative 9!!

After much debate...

The negatives won successfully ordering all of their numbers to negative 20. Well done!

Monday, 28 June 2021

Electrical Madness!

 Over the last few weeks, Year 4 have been looking at Electricity. Firstly, we looked at electrical and non-electrical objects. As a class, we organised a range of objects into whether they used electricity or not. Here is what we found:

Next, we used to iPads and took pictures of items in the classroom that use electricity. We then used our ICT skills to create a Pic Collage of all of the items that we found. Here are some examples:

Our next lesson was very exciting. We had the opportunity to create circuits. We were told everything we need to make a bulb work was on our table. If we made our bulb work, we attempted to add a motor with a fan attached to the circuit. Finally, if we made this work, we added a buzzer and tried to make that work. Here are some pictures:

We noticed that in our circuits, where there was one battering powering a bulb, a motor and a buzzer, nothing happened, even if the circuit was complete. So, this lesson, we looked at how we could correct this and we predicted that using more than one battery should give the circuit more power. We tested this by making a circuit with two bulbs and one battery, and a circuit with two batteries and one bulb, and we looked at which was more powerful. We found that two batteries and one bulb was more powerful. Here are some pictures:

Thank you for reading 😀

Monday, 26 April 2021

Marvellous Multiplication

 Today in Maths, we started our new focus: Multiplication and Division. We started with Multiplication. We used unifix cubes to create arrays or groupings of different multiplication calculations.

Here you can see 3 x 7 = 21. This group has made 3 groups of 7 and counted all of the cubes for 21. 

Here you can see 12 x 6 = 72. The green cubes show 10 and the other colours show 1. We have counted in 10s to find 60 and 1s to find 12, and add them together. 

Finally, we went to our whiteboards and did some of our own calculations using the cubes and drawings.

Now we are ready to go into our books tomorrow!

Thursday, 1 April 2021

 Nursery celebrates Easter

Nursery worked really hard with their parents and made fantastic Easter hats.

We enjoyed taking part in a Easter parade and showed off our amazing hats on the catwalk.

We made a big nest for all the Easter chicks.

Well done to all the children and our Easter hat competition winners. A big thank you to parents for your amazing effort and hard work.