Wednesday, 12 January 2022


To kick off our first Science topic of the Spring term- Electricity, we have had a fantastic time investigating how to make a bulb light up! 💡

We independently experimented with electrical equipment including: bulbs, wires, batteries and magnetic battery holders.

Through trial and error we were able to recognise why the circuit was complete when we touched metal clips with metal screws! We had a very interesting discussion about conductors and insulators of electricity.

To extend our learning, we tried making buzzers and fans work with our circuits. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and also learnt about electrical safety and whether humans and water are conductors or insulators too! 


Friday, 10 December 2021


A part of our DT learning, Year 4 have decided to start up their own business- Welford Pizzeria. We embarked on an important project to make the ideal pizza for a very special client!  🍕🙏 Our project brief set us up to design the perfect healthy, vegetarian pizza for Mrs Foster. 

First, we used iPads to research pizza. We learned about everything from the origin of pizza, to the best toppings and ideal packaging!

After completing our independent research, we designed our own pizzas. We compared our different designs and then chose our favourite. We even thought of a great name for our pizzas! 😁

We went on to design our own packaging to put our pizzas in. Maybe using the Welford Pizzeria logo would help us to advertise our Business... 🤔

Now the fun part! We cooked our pizzas using the toppings of our choice which we prepared ourselves. We got to taste them in order to help us evaluate how well we met our project brief. Yum! 💓

Finally, we packaged our pizzas into our individual boxes ready to be devoured by lucky Mrs Foster! To evaluate, we thought about the taste and appearance of our pizza and even recommended things that we would change to improve our pizzas next time! 

Monday, 29 November 2021

The Brighouse Experience

 The adventure begins....

30 children from Year 4 volunteered to go to Brighouse, deep in the  countryside in a place called Atherstone.

The children experienced a range of activities...lunch in the local park which they made themselves 

Working together safely to to create bucket campfires which each group was responsible for fuelling.

They were greatly appreciated because it was rather cold!

Constructing tents proved to be rather challenging! Especially when the wind blew....and a tent rolled far away into the distance! 

Team work prevailed ! 

It's fair to say tent building wasn't as easy as they thought it was going to be!

There were many long walks through the countryside... keeping road safety at the forefront of everyone's minds.

Some walks were challenging...oh dear!

Steep muddy hills taught all manner of problem solving skills.

Maybe we should have taken a different path???

But everyone was determined to make matter what!!!

Many hills were conquered, many steps were taken and the children worked really hard in their teams to complete all challenges set before them. Including making dinner (pizza topping time), breakfast (who knew Coco pops could spill so far) and a scary night walk with torches. The children had a fabulous time and learned many life skills. 

Monday, 22 November 2021

Children in Need 2021

 Here at Welford, we love to raise money for great causes! 😎 Year 4 had a great time raising money for Children in Need on Friday 19th November 2021! We dressed up in spotty and dotty clothing, Pudsey themed clothes and some of us even dressed up as our heroes!

We took part in Mrs Foster's special Children in Need colouring challenge and were also given a spotty, dotty cupcake to enjoy as part of our fundraising efforts!

Can you guess who we are?!😛

The money we have raised will go towards helping children and families in the UK who may be suffering from different circumstances! We will be making a huge difference to the lives of others! 💛