Sunday, 10 February 2019

Plaque Attack!

Our Science topic this term is the Human Digestive system. We have been looking at the types of teeth both humans and animals have and their functions. As well as this, to help with our own oral hygiene, we have also been creating booklets about how to care for your teeth. In order to write effectively about our own experiences, we decided to use disclosing tablets, which showed us if we had any plaque on our teeth. This helped us to identify if we were missing any areas when brushing.

After this, we observed the areas where we could see the dye highlighting the plaque and this helped us to give handy tips on how to brush more effectively. 
Here is some of the advice given:

Cavell - 4M, " Ismaeel needs to brush nearer the gum line because this is where the darker patches are, so maybe he could lift his top lip up so his teeth are fully visible."

Tiffany - 4RG, " Uwais needs to try and brush between the gaps in his teeth better as I could see a bit of plaque that had built up. He could try using dental floss to improve his teeth cleaning routine."

Wednesday, 30 January 2019


We had a great time celebrating the end of our Autumn 2018 topic, with a wonderful Roman banquet. Our lovely ladies in the kitchen, created a delicious platter of food,  designed around Ancient Roman diets. Year four children and teachers dressed up as Romans or Celts to dine together around a horse shoe of long tables, to emulate the feasts in the great halls of Rome and Roman Britain.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

4M’s Ruthless Romans Class Assembly

Last week, 4M performed our class assembly based on our topic “Ruthless Romans!” First of all, I would like to congratulate the children again for being the best they could be - they were super-stars!

During our performance, we took the audience on a tour of the Roman Empire from how it began, to many parts in between and to how it all ended. All the children wanted a speaking role so we wrote in parts for everyone to get their chance to shine!

Here are the Celts showing British resistance! unfortunately, they weren't organised enough at working together or as highly trained and they were defeated!

Romulus and Remus arguing over who had the right to rule!

Caesar and his legions of men dancing to "Backstreets back" changed to "Caesar's back!" to show when he returned to try and take over Britannia again!

We played our cornets to put fear into the hearts of the Romans just like the Celts when they blew their war horns!


Cleopatra showed us "Girl Power" when she dealt with two Roman Emperors: Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony! What a super actress Zainab was as Cleopatra - loud, clear and really worked the stage!

Nero and his advisor heard about Boudicca's revolt and were not happy! They shared why they wanted to invade Britannia and delivered their lines so well!

Our fierce Celtic Warrior showed how little armour they wore and explained the ratio of Celts to Romans. Look at the Roman soldiers in the "Tortoise" to protect themselves from the enemy!

We thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the Roman Empire through singing, dancing, acting and supporting each other in our roles. Learning in a memorable way has helped us to retain information better and the children have secure understanding of the Roman Empire objectives from the National Curriculum. 

Thanks to all parents/carers for costumes and line learning! Also, to Mrs Zaman for all the props, backdrop and costumes and to everyone else who helped - it is very much appreciated!
Well done 4M - You were all amazing!

Friday, 7 December 2018

A corridor invasion


To round off our Ruthless Romans topic we are creating fabulous corridor displays to go outside our classrooms and showcase the range of wonderful work we have produced since September.



We are particularly proud of our Roman shields which we have designed and made over several lessons.

We started off by looking at historical designs, exploring common colour schemes, patterns and emblems. We used our analysis of these designs to generate our own ideas, combining a range of patterns, tones and styles. 


The next step was to cut out and paint our shield shapes, before adding details and embellishments using a mixture of media.  We will then be reflecting on the successes of our final shields, and also evaluating techniques which were less effective to improve future projects.

We will be looking out for some troublesome Ancient Brittons to test out our designs in battle! 


Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Healthy Habits at Welford

Today at Welford, we were extremely lucky to have a visit from a British athlete who has recently become a European long jump champion. In our morning assembly, we met Feron Sayers and learned all about his training schedule. We were inspired by his positive mental attitude and his desire to overcome challenges.

As well  as this, he treated Y4 to a rapid circuit training session which gave us a small insight into his obviously regime. Here we are, being healthy and active with Feron and our teachers.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Roman Experience Day

In year 4, we were treated to a visit from a 'real' Roman soldier, who brought with him: numerous artefacts, a wealth of knowledge and humorous anecdotes about Roman life!

We began by looking at the Celtic way of life and then compared this to how Romans live...
Can you spot which pupil is showing how the Celts styed their hair before battle?

After this, we looked at Male and Female roles in tribes and what kind of clothing they wore too.

Then, our favourite part - the battle re-enactment!

We used replica shields to take part in the famous battle between the Romans and the Iceni tribe (led of course by Boudicca!)

We looked at how the Roman empire had expanded rapidly and how and why they invaded Britain in the first place. As well this, we identified how the invasion impacted on upon Celtic society, including: Changes to landscapes, settlements and gender equality!

What a fantastic day had by all! Thanks to Roman tours - such an engaging, enriching experience!

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Year Four Enterprise Afternoon

Year 4 had a fantastic time at our Business Enterprise event!

 We decided to make a range of items to sell, based around our topic Road Trip USA. These included:  hand-crafted dream catchers, Iroquois tribal artwork, freshly baked cookies and American snacks and juices! Our products sold incredibly well and we are really proud of the way they turned out.


As well as all the things we sold we also devised a range of competitions and raffles as part of our Enterprise, such as: 'Guess the Name of the Bear', 'Guess the State Miss Smith has visited', a USA cake raffle and a USA quiz! It was really fun to enter the different competitions.

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks so much to everyone that helped and attended.
We raised a phenomenal £211 and can't thank everyone enough for their contributions.
We are so proud of our achievements and can't wait for our next Enterprise afternoon.