Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Roman Banquet Bonanza!

Last week Miss Gibbs, Miss Merrick and all of us transformed ourselves into Romans for the afternoon. Miss Gibbs and Miss Merrick served us our Roman food: pizza, wedges, beans and Neapolitan ice cream. Take a look at our fab costumes and delicious dinner!
Later on, so many parents joined us for some fun activities. We started by welcoming them to our art gallery where we showed them our beautiful watercolour portraits and our functional and realistic Roman shields. 

Next, we showed just how functional our Roman shields were by showing parents the tortoise shell formation to protect ourselves from swords and spears from the enemy. We learnt this when a real Roman soldier joined us in school (see our blog here: named Rockin' Roman Experience Day!)
Next, all of us and our parents took part in some code breaking and wordsearching. Congratulations to the winners!

After that, a group from each class performed our focus playscript about Romulus and Remus. We had some great voices, actions and accents! 
All you need to do is look at his face to know how amazing the performances were. 

Finally, we had some confident readers from each class reading their recount of Boudicca's revolt. We used SO many Year 4 skills, Miss Gibbs and Miss Merrick couldn't keep count!
Just a final thank you to all the parents who took time to come and support us and enjoy our fun-filled afternoon. 


At 4 December 2019 at 02:37 , Blogger Mrs Foster said...

What absolutely fantastic work, Year 4. The photographs evidence the fabulous time you had...I am glad that you got to celebrate your topic with your parents/carers and I hope you will have many special memories of the event. Remember to thank the staff for all of their hard work to ensure you had such valuable learning experiences.


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