Thursday, 13 June 2019

Vicious Vikings!

4RG proudly presented their assembly based on the topic 'Vicious Vikings!' at the end of last half term.  The class worked hard to write the script themselves, with a little input from Miss Rhodes and Mrs Gallagher, using what they have learnt in class to help them.  D'Angelo took a starring role in both the writing and the performance of the production, taking centre stage as the mighty Thor.
The assembly aimed to correct some of the common misconceptions about these ancient raiders; is Thor a God or Marvel comic book hero?  Did they have horns on their helmets, and, if they didn't, then where did the idea come from?  What turned them into deadly raiders in the first place?  All these questions and many more besides were addressed in our performance of.....Vicious Vikings!
A fantastic seaworthy backdrop was provided by our super talented Mrs Zaman, who's use of bubble wrap is second to none!  The dancers were lucky enough to be supported by street dance extraordinaire; Miss Merrick. Massive thanks to her for her help.  And of course to the children themselves for working so hard to learn their parts and perform them so well.  You were all fabulous, and we couldn't be prouder of you.
Finally, a huge thank you to all the parents for providing costumes, helping with practise at home and supporting our show on the day, we are extremely grateful for your efforts. 

Uzair and Safa introduce our assembly. 
So why are they wearing hats with horns?
 Hope they put that right later.... 

Thor meets a modern day Viking....

Hold on, is that The Fresh Prince?

Awais did a fantastic job as a last minute stand in
for someone who was unfortunately ill on the day.

Is that Thor taking centre stage again?!

Those monks look a little worried.

They better be!  The Vikings are coming!


At 21 June 2019 at 03:10 , Blogger Mrs Foster said...

Our Vikings were far too friendly to be vicious!A fabulous Assembly from Year 4 with superstar performances all round with confident children showing their love of learning.I loved it.


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