Sunday, 9 December 2018

4M’s Ruthless Romans Class Assembly

Last week, 4M performed our class assembly based on our topic “Ruthless Romans!” First of all, I would like to congratulate the children again for being the best they could be - they were super-stars!

During our performance, we took the audience on a tour of the Roman Empire from how it began, to many parts in between and to how it all ended. All the children wanted a speaking role so we wrote in parts for everyone to get their chance to shine!

Here are the Celts showing British resistance! unfortunately, they weren't organised enough at working together or as highly trained and they were defeated!

Romulus and Remus arguing over who had the right to rule!

Caesar and his legions of men dancing to "Backstreets back" changed to "Caesar's back!" to show when he returned to try and take over Britannia again!

We played our cornets to put fear into the hearts of the Romans just like the Celts when they blew their war horns!


Cleopatra showed us "Girl Power" when she dealt with two Roman Emperors: Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony! What a super actress Zainab was as Cleopatra - loud, clear and really worked the stage!

Nero and his advisor heard about Boudicca's revolt and were not happy! They shared why they wanted to invade Britannia and delivered their lines so well!

Our fierce Celtic Warrior showed how little armour they wore and explained the ratio of Celts to Romans. Look at the Roman soldiers in the "Tortoise" to protect themselves from the enemy!

We thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the Roman Empire through singing, dancing, acting and supporting each other in our roles. Learning in a memorable way has helped us to retain information better and the children have secure understanding of the Roman Empire objectives from the National Curriculum. 

Thanks to all parents/carers for costumes and line learning! Also, to Mrs Zaman for all the props, backdrop and costumes and to everyone else who helped - it is very much appreciated!
Well done 4M - You were all amazing!


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