Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Roman Experience Day

In year 4, we were treated to a visit from a 'real' Roman soldier, who brought with him: numerous artefacts, a wealth of knowledge and humorous anecdotes about Roman life!

We began by looking at the Celtic way of life and then compared this to how Romans live...
Can you spot which pupil is showing how the Celts styed their hair before battle?

After this, we looked at Male and Female roles in tribes and what kind of clothing they wore too.

Then, our favourite part - the battle re-enactment!

We used replica shields to take part in the famous battle between the Romans and the Iceni tribe (led of course by Boudicca!)

We looked at how the Roman empire had expanded rapidly and how and why they invaded Britain in the first place. As well this, we identified how the invasion impacted on upon Celtic society, including: Changes to landscapes, settlements and gender equality!

What a fantastic day had by all! Thanks to Roman tours - such an engaging, enriching experience!


At 22 October 2018 at 01:25 , Blogger Mrs Foster said...

What a fabulous experience Year 4 had when they welcomed a Roman into Welford. A Roman in the Staffroom was also a very interesting experience for the adults!


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